Month: August 2012

Why am I so happy?

Dearly DeBloggers, Matt and Kim are coming in October ! Yay! Here’s Matt and Kim, they are so cute! Matt is such a kid and Kim is always so happy! I just want to shrink her and put her in my pocket! [youtube=]

I met a man named…..

Dearly DeBloggers,   What. Are. The. Odds. One of the main characters in my novel The Lunatics is Christian Luna (aka, Christian Lunatic). Picture This: I’m at Disney a couple of weeks ago. My phone dies. I lose my crew. I look around to see who I can borrow a phone from and walk up …

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Writer’s Block Exercise

Dearly DeBloggers,   Found this cool little website for releasing your muse from behind those ironclad bars of “writers block”! It’s easy: 1 word 60 seconds   Do it 5 times and release your muse. OneWorD

Delirium – how can this be?

Dearly DeBloggers, Delirium one of my favorite words. Why? 1) Sounds pretty 2) Its state emcompasses all senses. 3) Has two meanings, and they are the complete opposite of each other.