Month: May 2012

Dearly DeBloggers,   Graduation season is here (unfortunately for Myla, she had to get her GED and hope on a plane to Louisiana) But at Willows High its all the rage! What will be the song they chose? Everything from Beatles (In my life), to Fun’s (We are Young) to Alice Cooper’s (School’s Out)…are all choices…..but …

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The Edward Gorey House….Roadtrip!

Dearly DeBloggers, No one has done etchings and interwoven story as weirdly and beautifully as our own Edward Gorey. Check out his museum in MA! I did not know about this. I feel a road trip coming on…   Edward Gorey House

Valiant by Holly Black

Dearly DeBloggers, Valiant is one of my favorite Young Adult novels ever and I WISH they would make it a movie!! Or at least give me a book trailer! Here’s the book trailer on White Cat also by Holly Black. [youtube=]

Anonymous The Movie

Dearly DeBloggers, I am SO EXCITED right now! Not often do I run into a movie that provokes inspiration and I have a feeling this will be one of them.  I had seen the previews for Anonymous a couple of months ago and completely forgot about it. Someone recently mentioned it and I am going …

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