Month: July 2013

11,000 words! On schedule!

Debloggers, I’m at 11000 words! Whats happening: Commitment Have a grove going The characters have started doing stuff on their own Ahhhh I almost forgot how much I love writing.

9932 words – almost breaking 10K.

Debloggers, Yay! I am at 9932 words on day 7! Pretty good progress. I wrote extra because this week will be spotty. So if I make 800-1000 per day, I will still be ahead/right on schedule by Friday of next week. Process: characters are starting to divide between the good and the evil ones. hmmm.

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest 2014

Hi, Found some interesting things they use as tie breakers, keep in mind when composing: 1st tiebreaker: Highest Overall Strength of Submission score 2nd tiebreaker: Highest Prose/Style score 3rd tiebreaker: Highest Plot score 4th tiebreaker: Highest Character Development score 5th tiebreaker: Highest Originality of Idea score 6th tiebreaker: Amazon editorial decision

Get ready Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest 2014

Dearly DeBloggers,   Calling all writers! Join Ghostt and yours truly as we prep for Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest 2014. Wanna join the fun with our grueling schedule!? Comment on this blog post and email me at sevennblue(at) Here’s the writing schedule: By 7/29 Outline 10-12 Chapters of your novel Write First Solid Draft 7/29-10/07 1200 words …

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