About Ana del Valle

About Ana del Valle

Ana, Cuban-American writer, winner of the Paris Book Festival; finalist in the ABNA contest. From Supernatural YA to Adult Comedy, she's known for her writing range anchored in her off-the-beaten-path style. Life experiences from being a Cuban immigrant to a single mom to a LATINX woman in Silicon Valley are the foundation of her adventure-like story-telling skills. Ana graduated from San Francisco State with a degree in Creative Writing and currently works in the Tech Industry. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband Samm, her son Jackson, and their Boston Terrier, Mordecai.

        Body of Work

Pen Name: Seven N. Blue

(Young Adult Fiction)

The Lunatics (ABNA Finalist)

The Lunatics 2: Push, Tumble & Fall (Paris Book Festival 1st Place)

Pen Name: Ana del Valle

(Adult Fiction, Comedy)

  • Valley of the Dudes (2023, unpublished, currently in consideration with publishers)
  • Logline for VOD: Latinx female software engineer Darien Herrera is fed up with the gender and race-biased hiring practices in Silicon Valley that have caused her to be unemployed for the past six months. But when Darien’s friend Betty gives her a male drag makeover, Darien soon lands a high-ranking job as a white male exec “Adrien Barone” at a popular dating app. Now “Adrien” must maintain the ruse that “he’s” really a man, while people both in "his" personal life and at work start to catch on.

Manuscript can be requested by emailing anawrites805 at gmail dot com

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The Lunatics 2: Push, Tumble & Fall


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