Where is God?

Guest Blog by Jennifer H Nolan, (Mountain View – The Paris Writing Club)


Is there a God?


There is no God. That shocking statement that may trampoline you into a downward spiral of depression and fear should actually be doing the complete opposite for you.

There is no God. That’s the good news.

Here’s my quick story on how I reformed my reprogrammed brain and as a result took control of my life.

I was raised Catholic and my family and I prayed daily. God was a woven concept in my DNA since the time I was born. Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Confession. Daily Prayer. I certainly had some kind of insurance with the man upstairs. Right? He would tell me what to do. He would guide me. He would take away ambiguity and show me signs.

Imagine my surprise when the toughest moment of my life came at me in my early thirties. I was the mother of twin girls (6), and my husband, who was our breadwinner, was nearly killed and unfortunately paralyzed in a car accident that wasn’t even his fault. Suddenly I was faced to raise two little kids and attend to a man who, for all intents and purposes, had spiritually died the minute he had to take to the chair. Needless to say, it was a horrible situation for the whole of us. Our family had gone from normal to charity in days. And in our mid-thirties, time was already running against us.


“God will answer your prayer,.God will tell you what to do next. God will show you.” Where the HELL was God when I was the mother of two young children and my husband had been paralyzed in an accident at the age of 30. I was faced to raise two little children and and attend to a man that for all intents and purposes, felt he had died

It was then I realized that there was no god. No magic thing in the sky. No universe conspiring in my favor.

Although this may sound a bit detrimental, all in all, it was the best realization I ever had because I finally stopped wishing and hoping for someone to bail me out, or give me a sign, or show me a way. It was me all along! I had the reigns in my hands.