Month: October 2011

Stella on Comedy Central

Stella only lasted for a season, and it was one of my favorite shows ever…I don’t meet many people that know about it…it is certainly an acquired taste. Here’s Michael, Michael and Craig’s take on Writer’s Block! Enjoy! Stella Writers Block


Dearly DeBloggers!  It’s here! Write a novel a 50,000 word novel in 30 days! Are you ready for the challenge!

What am I listening to…

Dearly DeBloggers, I have begun my new project (The Poison Apple Tree aka TPAT)  STARR is taking a backseat for know, since TPAT has just full throttled ahead. (btw, THE INNOCENTS – is scheduled to be published on Kindle early 2012) At any rate…as with many Hermes gifts of inspiration , they sometimes come along …

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Steve Jobs

Dearly DeBloggers, It is kind of freaky that I wrote a post about loving my iPhone only 5 days prior to Jobs’ death. Needless to say, Steve Jobs was a genius, a demi-god, taken from us way to soon. He has changed the lives of millions of people in so many different layers of complexity, …

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