Where is God?

Guest Blog by Jennifer H Nolan, (Mountain View – The Paris Writing Club)   Is there a God?   There is no God. That shocking statement that may trampoline you into a downward spiral of depression and fear should actually be doing the complete opposite for you. There is no God. That’s the good news. …

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The Author JT Leroy Story

  The greatest literary hoax in history: The JT Leroy Story I’m just going to start. Here. I was home Sunday night with nothing to do. Mostly because I am in between projects, and the two men in my life were busy with other commitments. So I start flipping through Amazon Prime Originals looking for …

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Two Door Cinema Club

Dearly DeBloggers, at Fox Theatre Oakland Dec 2 2016. One of the best concerts I have EVER been to- PLEASE go see these amazing dudes. Omg. Because TWO DOOR – does want it all. Two shows back to back and both sold out. Uh. Yeah. (A hidden note to Prince Charming: xoxo)